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Order Process  


  Order Online

  1. Order - Order Online

  2. Dispatched – The order would be dispatched within 48 Hours. For Small orders, air freight would be used.

  3. After-sale – We would contact you to ensure you are happy with the services.

** Please check the shipping fees before ordering.  If you're ordering in bulk, please contact us directly.

The 8 Steps to Ordering  

  1. Inquiry – Contact us stating the detailed information on the goods you require. We’d send information related to the goods with either a catalogue or photos.

  2. Quotation - Once we have all the required information, then we’ll process a quotation. This would include any export taxes and shipping fees. (Depending on the quaintly of your order, we may be able to negotiate prices)

  3. Confirm Order – If you are happy with your quotation, then we can process the order. A Contract is signed with a down payment of 30% of the order. (The remaining balance would be paid on the day before the shipment of the order.)

  4. Production – We’d confirm your order with the factory with a special request you may have. We’ll send you confirmation at the start of production with the approximate completion date.

  5. Inspection – The products are inspected along with a follow-up email stating the process of your order and photos, videos, or video calls to examine goods before packing. (This may vary depending on the product)    

  6. Packing – Goods are then packed and boxed to prepare for loading. A final check takes place with the remaining balance cleared before shipping.

  7. Loading – Once the payment has been received, the goods are loaded and shipped to your destination. All paperwork would be attached ready for you to clear customs and pay any VAT.

  8. After-sale – We contact you once your goods have arrived at your destination. If you require assistance with Duty or VAT, please inform us, we may be able to provide assistances.

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