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Importing from China to the USA

Costs & Restrictions

China is one of the largest suppliers of imported goods in the United States. As more businesses explore importing from China, it’s important to evaluate the associated cost of shipping fees, duty fees, taxes, potential restrictions, as well as to choose the right supplier

Importing to the US Requirements

The CBP (Customs and Bounder Protection Agency) has basic requirements for those who are wishing to import to the US. Certain documents are required before the shipment can enter through customs.

  • Entry manifest (CBP Form 7533) or a Special Permit for the immediate Delivery (CBP Form 3461)

  • The entitlement of the right to make entry

  • The packaging list of the goods.

  • Proof of Import license or permits (if required for certain goods)

All documents must be prepared and ready for at least 15 calendar days before the arrival of any import at the US port of entry.