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Shipping Opitions

Ocean Freight Shipping

Approx. Price -
First Kg $16 - $18, after $3/$4 per Kg.
Timeframe -
Around 45 - 60 days (depending on port)
Vary due to Covid Restrictions
Weight -
Only Suitable for Large Orders.
**This is just an estimate price.  


Image by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

Ocean Freight Services

Sea freight is the common method of shipping from China to other destinations. Sea freight is reliable, affordable and convenient. It is more suitable for large, bulk, or heavy orders.

Advantages - Sea Freight

  • Cost-Effectiveness – This reduces the operational cost that allows you to sell items at a more affordable price.

  • Can transport by bulk – Sea Freight facilitates safe and reliable transportation mode in heavy or large import or export industry

  • Safe Carriage of Goods – Provide safe carriage of goods such as hazardous goods, medicines, and combustible fuels. Sea freight facilitates the requirement for safe storage and transport conditions for dangerous goods.

  • Environmentally Friendly – Sea Freight doesn’t harm the environment compared with other modes of freight transport.

Disadvantages – Sea Freight

  • Speed – The most significant disadvantage of sea freight is the speed. It might not be the best option if you need to get products to customers faster. Also due to Covid-19, the freight takes longer to arrive at its destination.

  • Piracy – Ships coming under attack by pirates. The vessel is attacked, and goods are stolen which results in huge losses for businesses.

  • Accidents - Accidents may occur, however, are very rare. Most shipments are unrecoverable and can lead to degradation as well as harm to marine life.










Air Freight Services

Air Freight is a mode of transportation through the use of an aircraft to transport Cargo.  This is the quickest mode to get products to the international market.


  • Speed & Frequency – the advantage of air cargo is the speed and frequency. It’s the fastest mode of freight forwarding transport. It may save time and as well as resources. It usually takes up to 7 days to ship from airport to airport

  • Reliability – for most businesses, reliability is an important element of doing business. This model ensures that consignments are delivered within a set time frame. Airfreight is more reliable compared to any other freight shipping

  • Free Warehousing – Usually for large orders, airfreight usually offers free warehousing, therefore you should have any hassles with the cost of local warehousing.

  • Strict legal compliance – If there are any essential benefits of air freight is that people tend to overlook the administrative side, therefore, it better to find someone to deal with all the documentation and paperwork needs. Airfreight forwarding makes it easier to comply with the legal fulfilments required for international borders.

  • Reduce Financial Constraints – Air freight eliminate the financial restrictions that customers tend to incur. This is due to the speed and efficiency of air freight transport and logistics.

  • Reduced insurance – Save hugely due to the security that is in place.


  • Cost – Due to its fast, efficient and secure transport, it is more expensive compared with other freight modes. Also, the fuel hikes add to higher costs.

  • Size Limitation – The size of cargo is restricted which implies that some goods would be subjected by size, weight or shape.

  • Risk – the most dangerous mode of shipping. Any minor glitches can lead to substantial loss therefore it is better to purchase insurance.

Image by Nick Morales

Air Freight Shipping

Approx. Price First Kg $16-18 per Kg
Timeframe -Around - 7-10 days
Vary due to Covid Restrictions
Weight - Suitable for Smaller Orders

**This is just an estimate price.

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