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Product introduction

This is a smart lock using 3D face recognition technology, which supports contactless face/palmprint unlocking. In fully automatic unlocking mode, the lock tongue will be retracted or ejected automatically after unlocking. The new 3D matrix projection recognition technology is different from the traditional 2D image recognition, which can effectively identify the user.


2. Product details

This lock has two colours of silver-grey and red copper, with face unlocking, palmprint unlocking, fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, IC card unlocking, mobile phone remote unlocking, emergency key unlocking, etc. It can be connected to the Youzhi cloud home app to manage your smart lock. It has intelligent functions such as opening records, remote unlocking, setting time-effective passwords and so on.


3. Product standards

1. High-strength zinc alloy material, corrosion resistance

2. Large capacity lithium battery power supply, reusable charging and environmental protection

3. Support virtual passwords. You can input several random numbers before and after the real password, and you can unlock the lock.

4. After successful unlocking, the locking latch will be retracted automatically without manual unlocking.

After closing the door, the latch will pop out and lock automatically.

5. Even if the power is off, the fingerprint, password and IC card data will not be lost

6. The alarm will sound automatic when the power is low, and the alarm will also be given if the unlocking is unsuccessful many times

7. Working environment: - 30 to 60 , air humidity less than 20-93% RH

8. Support combination unlocking function, and unlock only after any two unlocking verification modes are passed.


Minimum Quantity Order:

1 - $449.99 - Including Delivery. 

10 - 99 $209.99 - Excluding Delivery.

100+ $199.99 - Excluding Delivery. 


Contact Us directly for shipping fees for large quantity orders. We'll provide the most competitive, affordable prices to meet your needs. 

USmart Electronic Door Lock Wifi Smart Lock with Camera (009)